Tuesday, 1 September 2009


It was delicious... Here is a portion with cream...

Cake and Crochet

I finished making the Humphrey's Corner-alike elephant:

I used a 2mm crochet hook and some fluffy-ish wool (it was kind of like low-fuzz mohair) to make my elephant. I think she looks a lot like a Flossie now she is all done. I added a few bits to the pattern - a tiny flower-button on her dress at the neckline, and a pompom embellished with beads in the centre of the flower on her head. The pattern I tested is by Angry Angel from craftster her blog is here: http://lucyravenscar.blogspot.com/ and she also makes these fantastic mythical creatures.

Still haven't got around to making the blackberry and apple crumble though... ! (Maybe later!)

Instead here are some pictures of the cupcakes I made for a recent birthday buffet... the sprinkles are glittery and the candles are tiny purple dinosaurs!