Monday, 15 March 2010

Not getting any better at this...

So... what have I been doing since, blush, October....?

Well craftwise I have been busy... I made an elephant for Laura who I work with to try to cheer her up. Clearly elephants are the solution to most of the problems anybody could expect to encounter. She called him Elmer.

I made an Alpaca - I desperately want to move away to the country and have a herd of Alpaca and spin their wool and do baking - but seeing as that is way less than likely I crocheted one for myself. If I ever do have a herd of Alpaca (I mean of course, when) I plan to give them all names beginning with 'A'.

I have been doing a swap on It was a dinosaur swap - I have posted off everything to my swap partner in Canada. I hope she receives soon, I am quite pleased with what I made, I wanted to make more things but I also didn't want to go overboard. Hope that I got the balance right... people are starting to receive and so I am checking the gallery obsessively.

I also bought a dolls house on ebay. I had to go on an adventure to the other side of town to pick it up, and then it barely fit in my tiny little car. But it is beautiful. Well it will be beautiful when I am done - at the moment it is all bare and wooden. I will paint it, pink I think.

I must have also done other things. I can't think what right now. My pictures won't upload and I have a load of things I should do around the house right now.