Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday

So today, a bizarrely hot bank holiday, we went to pick blackberries - we started off in the park and despite a random man telling us there were lots about there really weren't many. We managed to snag a few but mainly ended up scratched and stung by the many stinging nettles.
Then we tried looking in a field that had four horses in it - one of the horses was only small and was clinging to his mum - both of them came to see what I was up to, I suppose because they figured I might have food (I didn't) and I got to pat them on the noses. Then we set off alongside a ploughed field where there were no brambles at all really - but at the end a lovely stream where we were able to wash off the blackberry juice before we carried on. Eventually... and having walked a lot further than we really intended we found a road with verges that were heaving with blackberries - in total we picked 1.5kg!

This evening I have been cooking them all - ready to make blackberry and apple crumble! I will try to share some pictures tomorrow.

I have also been testing an amigurumi pattern for a really cute elephant in a dress for Angry Angel over on and I am almost done. So far she looks kind of like Flossie from Humphrey's Corner.

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